Marcel. Alexandre. Louis-Jacques. That’s my name, remember it because it’s going to be up in lights someday (or on TV, either way, remember it). I’m not a shell, nor am I the subject of the AT&T commercial. I AM , however, a sophomore journalism student at Arizona State University.  I represent Sacramento, California, and  have aspirations to be a successful (sports) reporter. My career choice is somewhat odd, as both of my parents are doctors. However, I decided early on that medicine wasn’t for me, and now here I am at the Cronkite School.  I’m incredibly outspoken – a trait which has gotten me into trouble numerous times over the course of my life. Anyways, this blog is about Intramural Sports at ASU, enjoy.

Follow me on Twitter @LouisXXVIII

For all you NBA fans, go read my other blog at aroyalpain.com. DISCLAIMER: It only focuses on the Sacramento Kings.


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