Greek League Championship Recap

Posted: October 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Greek League Champions


Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Greek league champion has been decided, and it is Sigma Phi Epsilon.

After a hard fought battle, including a comeback by SigEp, the boys in black came out victorious.

SAE began the game on a high note, marching down the field to score first, making it 6-0. SigEp came back with a full-field drive of their own, until a miscommunication led to an interception returned for a touchdown, increasing SAE’s lead to 12-0. Facing their first deficit of the season, SigEp responded by scoring on a toe-tap touchdown to end the half. Score: 12-7

SigEp started the second half with the ball, and took advantage of the opportunity, scoring on their second play from scrimmage. The extra point attempt failed, but the touchdown was enough to put them up 13-12.

And that would prove to be all the cushion they needed.

SigEp’s touted defense stepped up for them the next possession, forcing a turnover, and giving the offense great field position. Their quarterback then proceeded to throw his third touchdown pass of the day, and this time connected on the extra point try, putting his team up 21-12.

Twice on the ensuing drive, SAE’s quarterback threw a fourth down desperation heave towards his favorite receiver, who went over SigEp’s cornerback and safety to make both grabs. However, his luck eventually ran out, and he threw an interception to essentially end the game. SigEp would hang on to win the game with a final score of 21-12.

Fun Fact of the Game: With roughly 20 seconds remaining in the game, SigEp decided to take a knee to run out the clock. When the referee put his hands up to call the play dead, the SigEp fans took that as he was declaring the game to be over, and proceeded to rush the field. Thankfully for SigEp, they had a personal foul to give, otherwise this premature celebration would have forced them to forfeit the game.

SigEp Fans prematurely rushing the field



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