Sigma Alpha Epsilon Preview

Posted: October 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

On Tuesday, I gave a preview of one of the championship contending teams, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Today, after getting a good look at the other team, Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE), I’m ready to give a full analysis, so here we go:



This is an offense which thrives on the deep ball, which should prove to be an interesting matchup against SigEp’s secondary. Their quarterback doesn’t have an incredible arm, but he is very mobile, and has great chemistry with his receivers. Surrounded by many  average receivers is their star receiver with excellent size, speed, and strength. Look for him to be SAE’s go-to-guy in clutch situations.



Great speed at the defensive back positions – they all but dare receivers to run deep routes on them. They send one or two rushers at the opposing quarterback, while their linebackers try to control the middle of the field. Safety plays pretty far back, allowing opposing teams to exploit the gap between him and the linebackers. Look for SigEp to run a lot of crossing routes against this defense in an attempt to get the safety to play up, and open up the deep half of the field.



Athletic, scrappy team that doesn’t quit. They match up well with SigEp and look for this to be a great game between these two powerhouses.


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