Sigma Phi Epsilon Preview

Posted: October 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Playoffs in Tempe are coming to a close, and for the Greek league, two teams have reached the pinnacle of the flag football world. However, only one can remain. Sigma Phi Epsilon and Siga Alpha Epsilon (funny how that worked out isn’t it?) will battle it out Wednesday night for the Greek League Flag Football Championship. Both teams have incredibly talented rosters, but here’s a breakdown of #1 seed, SigEp.



This is an offense packed to the brim with speed and experience, as each of its starters played on last year’s runner-up team.

Their quarterback has a cannon of an arm, and has the ability to make all the throws his team needs him to make, whether it be in the pocket or on the run.

This receiving corps works well together, and they all run sharp, crisp routes. Not to mention, they don’t drop many passes.

Their line is made up of hybrid players who can not only block, but catch passes downfield. It takes a ton of defensive confidence and playmaking to contain this offense, and a perfect strategy to beat it.


Arguably the best defense in the Greek League. The anchor of this team, and allows the offense to operate knowing the defense will bail them out. Excellent defensive back play, excessive speed completely annihilates the idea of throwing the ball downfield. Linebackers each have the ability to cover sideline to sideline, and rushers put an enormous amount of pressure on the opposing quarterback to get rid of the ball quickly. There are some holes in the defense – can be beaten by quick passes and screens. Best to take advantage of this weakness quickly before they have the chance to adjust.


Resilient, motivated team, gleaming with athleticism and experience. Exciting team, nearly unbeatable when playing to the best of their ability; definitely a team to watch in the future.


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