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Posted: August 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Flag Football - A Staple Sport of Intramurals

I, along with many other college students out there, played sports in high school. Sports consumed my life during the school year, mostly due to the fact that I played more than one of them. Rather than continue a dead end career at a Division III school, I decided to retire at the ripe age of 17. Initially, quitting my athletic regime cold turkey was unsettling, and I began desperately searching for another hobby to fill my time. But suddenly, when all hope seemed lost, a solution presented itself in the form of a flier [in the cafeteria] – Intramural Sports. Whether it be a flag football league or a glow-in-the-dark dodgeball tournament, Intramurals consistently provide fun, exciting activities for students itching to play the sports that once ran their lives in high school.

And if the opportunity to play your favorite sports again isn’t incentive enough to get out of your residence and into the heat, how about a chance to be recognized as the best intramural team in the country? That’s right, they introduced regional and national championships to each participating school’s best intramural teams. I think it’s this addition to the games that brings out the competitive streak in many former athletes (including myself). While some people may look at the ultra competitive players and say “wow they take this way too seriously” or “this is supposed to be just for fun,” you have to remember that the majority of them played sports competitively for the past four years. When the option to be the best is introduced, many former athletes may find it hard to play “just for fun.”

See, my high school football team won precious few games during my career. People like me see Intramurals as another shot at glory, especially since we fell short in high school.

And that, I believe, is the beauty of it.

  1. Monique Ross says:

    Nice job
    I believe I mentioned intramural sports in a discussion regarding playing sports in college

  2. mlbaker6 says:

    Girls and guys alike, I too played sports in high school, and I couldn’t agree more with this blog. Currently my blog is about Club Sports, which go hand in hand with intramural sports. Both are a “second chance at glory” without the time commitment of a D1 sport, and often a dead end as a career.

  3. M. Antoine louis-Jacques says:


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