Greek League Championship Recap

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Sigma Phi Epsilon - Greek League Champions


Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Greek league champion has been decided, and it is Sigma Phi Epsilon.

After a hard fought battle, including a comeback by SigEp, the boys in black came out victorious.

SAE began the game on a high note, marching down the field to score first, making it 6-0. SigEp came back with a full-field drive of their own, until a miscommunication led to an interception returned for a touchdown, increasing SAE’s lead to 12-0. Facing their first deficit of the season, SigEp responded by scoring on a toe-tap touchdown to end the half. Score: 12-7

SigEp started the second half with the ball, and took advantage of the opportunity, scoring on their second play from scrimmage. The extra point attempt failed, but the touchdown was enough to put them up 13-12.

And that would prove to be all the cushion they needed.

SigEp’s touted defense stepped up for them the next possession, forcing a turnover, and giving the offense great field position. Their quarterback then proceeded to throw his third touchdown pass of the day, and this time connected on the extra point try, putting his team up 21-12.

Twice on the ensuing drive, SAE’s quarterback threw a fourth down desperation heave towards his favorite receiver, who went over SigEp’s cornerback and safety to make both grabs. However, his luck eventually ran out, and he threw an interception to essentially end the game. SigEp would hang on to win the game with a final score of 21-12.

Fun Fact of the Game: With roughly 20 seconds remaining in the game, SigEp decided to take a knee to run out the clock. When the referee put his hands up to call the play dead, the SigEp fans took that as he was declaring the game to be over, and proceeded to rush the field. Thankfully for SigEp, they had a personal foul to give, otherwise this premature celebration would have forced them to forfeit the game.

SigEp Fans prematurely rushing the field



Sigma Alpha Epsilon Preview

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On Tuesday, I gave a preview of one of the championship contending teams, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Today, after getting a good look at the other team, Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE), I’m ready to give a full analysis, so here we go:



This is an offense which thrives on the deep ball, which should prove to be an interesting matchup against SigEp’s secondary. Their quarterback doesn’t have an incredible arm, but he is very mobile, and has great chemistry with his receivers. Surrounded by many  average receivers is their star receiver with excellent size, speed, and strength. Look for him to be SAE’s go-to-guy in clutch situations.



Great speed at the defensive back positions – they all but dare receivers to run deep routes on them. They send one or two rushers at the opposing quarterback, while their linebackers try to control the middle of the field. Safety plays pretty far back, allowing opposing teams to exploit the gap between him and the linebackers. Look for SigEp to run a lot of crossing routes against this defense in an attempt to get the safety to play up, and open up the deep half of the field.



Athletic, scrappy team that doesn’t quit. They match up well with SigEp and look for this to be a great game between these two powerhouses.

Sigma Phi Epsilon Preview

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Playoffs in Tempe are coming to a close, and for the Greek league, two teams have reached the pinnacle of the flag football world. However, only one can remain. Sigma Phi Epsilon and Siga Alpha Epsilon (funny how that worked out isn’t it?) will battle it out Wednesday night for the Greek League Flag Football Championship. Both teams have incredibly talented rosters, but here’s a breakdown of #1 seed, SigEp.



This is an offense packed to the brim with speed and experience, as each of its starters played on last year’s runner-up team.

Their quarterback has a cannon of an arm, and has the ability to make all the throws his team needs him to make, whether it be in the pocket or on the run.

This receiving corps works well together, and they all run sharp, crisp routes. Not to mention, they don’t drop many passes.

Their line is made up of hybrid players who can not only block, but catch passes downfield. It takes a ton of defensive confidence and playmaking to contain this offense, and a perfect strategy to beat it.


Arguably the best defense in the Greek League. The anchor of this team, and allows the offense to operate knowing the defense will bail them out. Excellent defensive back play, excessive speed completely annihilates the idea of throwing the ball downfield. Linebackers each have the ability to cover sideline to sideline, and rushers put an enormous amount of pressure on the opposing quarterback to get rid of the ball quickly. There are some holes in the defense – can be beaten by quick passes and screens. Best to take advantage of this weakness quickly before they have the chance to adjust.


Resilient, motivated team, gleaming with athleticism and experience. Exciting team, nearly unbeatable when playing to the best of their ability; definitely a team to watch in the future.

Breaking the Barrier

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Who runs the world? Any Beyoncé fan will immediately answer, “GIRLS!”

However, if we were to change the question to “who runs the world of sports” you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who will give the same answer.

It’s an unfortunate fact of the world we live in that women are generally thought of as inferior athletes to men. This is shown by the exclusivity of a sport such as football – which generally only allows men to play.

Enter, Intramural Sports.

One of the most entertaining intramural sports to play is co-ed flag football, which gives men and women alike the opportunity to play football on the same team. Some people reading this may think the introduction of women to the game of football would be detrimental to the sport. Wrong.

As a matter of fact, I know a few females who would give half the men reading this post a run for their money.

The Starting Point

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Flag Football - A Staple Sport of Intramurals

I, along with many other college students out there, played sports in high school. Sports consumed my life during the school year, mostly due to the fact that I played more than one of them. Rather than continue a dead end career at a Division III school, I decided to retire at the ripe age of 17. Initially, quitting my athletic regime cold turkey was unsettling, and I began desperately searching for another hobby to fill my time. But suddenly, when all hope seemed lost, a solution presented itself in the form of a flier [in the cafeteria] – Intramural Sports. Whether it be a flag football league or a glow-in-the-dark dodgeball tournament, Intramurals consistently provide fun, exciting activities for students itching to play the sports that once ran their lives in high school.

And if the opportunity to play your favorite sports again isn’t incentive enough to get out of your residence and into the heat, how about a chance to be recognized as the best intramural team in the country? That’s right, they introduced regional and national championships to each participating school’s best intramural teams. I think it’s this addition to the games that brings out the competitive streak in many former athletes (including myself). While some people may look at the ultra competitive players and say “wow they take this way too seriously” or “this is supposed to be just for fun,” you have to remember that the majority of them played sports competitively for the past four years. When the option to be the best is introduced, many former athletes may find it hard to play “just for fun.”

See, my high school football team won precious few games during my career. People like me see Intramurals as another shot at glory, especially since we fell short in high school.

And that, I believe, is the beauty of it.